Medical Guidance on your Healing Path

Healing Emotional Trauma


I firmly believe that virtually any emotional trauma can be healed.  Over 30 years of experience as a physician has led me to understand 4 essential principles of the emotional causation of illness:

  • Emotional traumas (and the blocks which follow) are at the basis of over 90% of illness.
  • Emotional trauma has a trans-generational origin over 90% of the time.
  • Emotional trauma creates blocks within the Autonomic Nervous System.
  • When these autonomic blocks are resolved, this brings healing to the individual as well as future generations.

The roots of physical illness largely begin within the emotional life. Emotional traumas affect our behaviors, social patterning, generate internal contradictions that seem beyond our control, shape how we see ourselves, and ultimately shape where and how our physical bodies will fail. Once structured within the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), emotional blocks are by their nature self-perpetuating and cause miscommunications between the brain and the tissues that lie along the blocked autonomic pathways.

Fortunately, the ANS is remarkably accessible for treatment, since about 90% of all autonomic nerve fibers reside superficially within the skin. Using interventions targeting the ANS, I have seen widespread and seemingly intractable psoriasis that evaporated after the resolution of war-acquired trauma; autoimmune disease that reversed completely after a burdensome guilt was laid to rest; allergies that resolved after the patient made peace with a difficult past.

The healing of emotional trauma brings improvements in mood, energy, outlook, sleep, concentration, personal relationships, productivity, athletic and artistic performance, self- esteem, and (most elusive of all) inner peace.  The most powerful healing involves love, compassion, and forgiveness – most importantly, toward oneself.

A comprehensive approach to healing 

Mind-body healing is best achieved with a comprehensive approach which includes optimizing nutrition, identifying food intolerances, addressing toxic environmental exposures, normalizing the gastrointestinal microbial ecology, supporting optimal mitochondrial function, restoring regulation of the immune response, correcting hormone balance, and optimizing sleep.

The goal of treatment is not just to eliminate a particular disease but to thrive and blossom, opening the way for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.